Lego minifigures, Golden Gate Bridge. computer simulations on right
Small size gift card backboard test (approx 5ft wide)
I started with blue and white dice to make an image for the lobby of my company (was working on magnetic resonance imaging research at the time so I was thinking in grayscale all day and night, when I read a web page about weird things for sale. 5000 blue and white dice caught my eye, and then I wanted more color, then more diverse objects so I proceeded to the lego men, and then the crazy collecting really began...
Colored dice, new zealand mountain
gift cards (itunes, amazon, brick and mortar stores)

computer prototype of low resolution skyline with gift cards
Simpsons characters, trying out what famous masterpieces look like in mosaic form, tho I tend to shy away from reproducing somebody else's image unless there is an important commentary between the material and subject, otherwise it's just about the pixel materials.
Playing around with dollhouse food images from web. Looking in to sourcing handmade dollhouse food from thailand. "You are what you eat" and all that
Cityscape made of micromachines cars. This is singapore, but I'd rather make an image of Los Angeles or another american city where the car is much more an enable of the city than a city such has singapore that has functional mass transit.
Possible curved mosaic backboard design. Rendering by Steffen Pawlosky. I have built a quarter of this as a test.
This is a test of what using a full gift card (non overlapped would look like. With such big pixels would need a huge wall! I've thought about suspending them from a ceiling like a curtain to use middle of room space in a gallery)

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