My work is alternately very detailed and realistic (I love cityscapes or landscapes where you can get lost in one small section of an image, pondering the story that plays out there) and also very very impressionistic. I like to use long exposures and intentional camera movement to capture the essence of motion or the colors of a place while eliminating the distracting details. I like the more abstract pieces because I, as a viewer, can keep coming back to the image each time bringing my own interior landscape to the image rather than having everything spelled out in the image.

My art forces me to keep an eye on the world around me, always looking for the visually interesting, and finding beauty whether it's far away and obvious, or close and hidden. My goal is to keep myself looking, and to share the beauty I find with others. I think it's important for us to make the good louder in our life to compete with the onslaught the media and our own mental news service brings us. So in some small way, I'm trying to hang on to a small fraction of the moments of beauty I've seen and preserve them on walls.
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